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The following forms are available to managers of 4-H Foundation accounts.

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The forms may be completed on-screen, printed and faxed, mailed, or emailed to the Tennessee
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Tennessee 4-H Foundation
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JUANITA H. FASOLA FOUNDATION, INC. Education Mini-Grants Program Application

The JUANITA H. FASOLA FOUNDATION, INC. is pleased to announce its Education MiniGrants Program that will be awarded to support innovative projects exclusively for charitable, educational and religious purposes.

Fasola Foundation Grant Application

Counties in Green Participated
Map Update 12-31-2017

4-H Grows Campaign

The Tennessee 4-H Foundation recently concluded the 4-H Grows matching campaign. Sixty Tennessee counties participated in the popular matching gift program. Nearly $150,000 in new local endowment funds where generated by the program. Thank you to all who participated!

What is the 4-H Delivers Program?

The 4-H Delivers Program is an opportunity to grow county funds through a Spring campaign letter. The goal is to help you obtain new donors and increase awareness of 4-H!

How does it work?

The Tennessee 4-H Foundation will complete a Spring mailing campaign on behalf of any county that wishes to participate. In order to make it easy and economical for any county to participate the 4-H Foundation will:

  • Provide counties a template letter to use
  • Create a custom response form for your county
  • Create an insert highlighting the county 4-H program
  • Stuff the envelopes
  • Pay for printing and postage
  • Process all gifts

How does my county participate?

Counties wishing to participate must complete the 4-H Delivers County Participation Form by March 16. The 4-H Foundation will need each county to:

  • Create a list of 25-250 potential donors with addresses by April 20
  • Edit the template letter (if you wish)
  • Select 5 photos and 5 impact statements that you would like to highlight on the insert
  • Approve the custom reply form FAQs

Printable Flier

Enrollment Form

4-H Promotional Audio Spots

The following 30-second 4-H promotional radio spots are available for download in .mp3 format. They are the property of the Tennessee 4-H Foundation and are free to use in the promotion of Tennessee 4-H programs by UT Extension staff, volunteers, Tennessee radio stations, and businesses who use ads on phone systems, etc. Enjoy!

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